White Glove Service

Please contact Customer Service first, then click here to prepay the $3000, and fill out this request form after you placed your order. We will refund the extra or charge more depending on your request and the quote we get from the logistic company. 

In order to provide better delivery service to our valued customers, OMTech is now offering white glove service per request. With white glove service, your machine will be shipped through an upgraded freight system operated by experienced fulfillment professionals who specialize in custom delivery and careful handling of fragile products. Plus, with optional In-Home Placement, the White Glove provider can place your machine in any room you specify. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind with that extra touch of care from our white glove service providers.


We will charge an extra $50 on top of the quote for our labor. 

White glove service will not be applicable to USB-GB14-U1 and USB-GB16-U1. 

A Quick Comparison

Feature Free Shipping Service White Glove Service

Delivery Window Update


Professional Unpacking


Positioning in specific rooms


Removal of old product


Removal and recycling of packing material