Sample Send-in Program

The possibilities are indeed endless with OMTech laser machines and what they can engrave! With many possibilities comes great curiosity. If you are uncertain about the compatibility of a specific material or product with OMTech laser machines, we’re here to help! Send us your sample, and we can test it for you! Just follow the simple instructions below.
1. Submit Request

Complete our Sample Send-in request within minutes. Once we email you with approval, you may proceed to the next step.

Submit Here!
2. Mail Sample

Once approved, you will mail your material sample to the OMTech Headquarters. Please note that you are required to pay for all shipping costs to and from our Anaheim location.

3. Receive Results

Once your sample is received, our team of experts will diagnose the material with the right machine. We will then ship back your lasered material, as well as a report.