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Replacement stepper motor for the 40W?

  • I've been using my 40W laser quite a bit since I bought it in March. Just recently though engravings are extremely out of alignment.

    I've gone through the steps to align the mirrors, as I do from time to time. Making sure they're all very clean as well.

    The symptom is that text is very blurry from left to right.

    I've read that it's possible it could be the x-axis belt tension. So I tried tightening it as well as loosening it, but there was no difference whatsoever.

    My thought now is that it could be the stepper motor. I've heard that's pretty rare, but not sure what else it could be.

    Any thoughts? And anyone know exactly what type of replacement x-axis stepper should be used? There aren't any markings on my current one whatsoever.

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