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Need Advice on 80w or 100w

  • Good Morning All, I'm new to the forum.  I've been checking out all these lasers for about a month now.  So, I'm stuck at a crossroads of making a final decision, buy a new 80w laser or buy a used 100w laser.

    Here is what concerns me about the used 100w laser and this is what information I got out of the guy.  It's 10 months old, he didn't know how many hours of use on the laser, but said not much.  He said the only thing it needs is the mirrors need fine adjustment.  It doesn't come with software.  If I'm correct in reading the description on the OmTech site, it should at least come with the RDWorks, am I right?  I also found a forum that he had posted on with issues with Lightburn and controller settings.  If anyone is willing to help, I can send you the link.  Maybe, I'm hoping, it's just operator error and nothing is wrong with this machine besides aligning the mirrors.  I would love to see it in use before I bought it.

    I'm favoring this machine because it's listed for $2,500 and it's 2 hours from my house.

    I plan on doing  tumblers, acrylic signs, wood, and leather engraving to start.  Maybe the 100w would be too much for some of this stuff.  

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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