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File Format

  • Super noob here. I have the MF1220-50R and am having trouble finding clear information about file format and software.  I have used the laser at the recreation lab at work, but we used Adobe Illustrator to send file.  I am on a Mac, but have a vm PC.  I downloaded the RDWorks but don't see a way to save in teh right file format.   The machine seems to want an .RD file but I can't see. way to make that.  I have access to a lot of deisgn software, so wondering if something I have will work.   I am an engineer and do a lot of 3D printing, so thinkI can hadnle this if I can get pointed in the right direction Thanks

  • In RDWorks or Lightburn you can "import" many file formats both pixel based and vector based. When you send a file from either software; REWorks or Lightburn, you are sending an .rld format file. You don't need to know that, except that it is not a file format usually opened in an applicaton.

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