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Downloading & Working files from the OMTech DIY Shop

  • Hi Everyone!

    As a file designer, I get asked a lot of questions from customers and people who are interested in downloading digital files so they can make their own projects and DIY crafts. One of the common questions I get is "why would someone want to buy a digital file"?

    One of the benefits is with a digital file- the download is instant. You don't need to worry about a ship wait and you can also take that file and modify it as you see fit. Every designer has their own way of setting up a file.

    If you are not aware, OMTech recently launched their new DIY shop where you can purchase a variety of fun and unique files. I'm going to be walking you through making a purchase along with posting some tips and tricks on how you can modify the files for your own use!

    1. Once you find the item(s) you like, you can follow the steps to check out.
    2. Proceed to move forward with your payment information and follow the steps.
    3. Once your order is completed, you will get a confirmation email that contains a link to the SVG. You may need to wait 10 or so minutes for the email to come through that contains a download link to the file, which will be on the Google Drive.
    4. The file and it's designated instructions can be found on the google drive. Simple right click and download the instructions and the design.
    5. You can open the design in Lightburn now! Or if you have design sofware experience (I tend to modify all my designs in Illustrator and then move to Lightburn) you can use that for editing as well.
    6. In Lightburn you can size the design accordingly. For some designs that may be layered you will need to refer to the instructions on how to use in order to see what layers go with what elements. Other files may include options if there is kerf involved or needed.


    For Projects thet require Kerf

    For something like kerf (where you have to know the thickness of your material) I suggest doing a test cut before investing in the time. I create these little templates for each material type when it comes to projects that may require kerf. I then stick the prong area in the slot to make sure it fits ok. This is very useful when you purchase a file and need something to reference. Also note- each sheet of material may vary just as material varies from supplier to supplier.


    For Projects that contain many Design Elements

    I will say this first off- try to not get overwhelmed! There are some products (like tiered trays) that may contain various designs and projects in one. The important thing is to tackle it one step at a time. If working on too many peices is confusing- do it one at a time. The instructions should break down the elements peice by peice. 


    Adding holes for Keychains

    For some projects (like the scrap packs) you purchase a design element that you can modify as you see fit. You can add a key hole, add custom text- whatever you like. Some design experience is required to be able to do this though. I usually work by creating my key hole and then welding everything together in Lightburn.

    You can find a video that walks over this in fine detail on the OMTech Youtube page!


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