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OMTech DIY Project Contest to win $100??

  • In case you don't follow OMTech on social media, they are doing a contest to win $100 gift card!

    It's super simple to enter the contest. You have to buy, download and build one of the files from their DIY Laser Projects and post it to your social media with the hashtag #diycraftkits The cool part is during the length of this contest all the files are 50% off!

    You also have to follow them on Instagram (@OMTechLaser) in order to enter this contest.

    Anyways, thought I should share it to the forums just in case anybody hasn't seen it on their social media yet! You have until 7/29 11:59pm to enter the contest.

    Hope to see some awesome entries!

    Here's a link to their posting with all the rules.

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