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How long did shipping take

  • Hello I'm planning on buying a nice laser from omtechlaser, however I read something saying "please give us 8 weeks to process your order" and another thing called "white glove" or something, apparently they will unbox it, set it up and test it for me when they deliver it at my house?

    Let me know, thanks.

  • Well it depends on where you live but if it's actually in stock when you order it then normally they have it delivered in a week or two. I live in California and the three machines I've ordered from them all came within a week. There warehouse is in California too though so that helps haha.


    Just check and see if you are buying a preorder item or an item in stock. Preorders I have heard both sides of the story. Some take forever while some didn't take long at all. It all depends on when they have it restocked.

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