OMTech Safari- Contest Entry

    I had this design illustrated a week ago and now that i'm home again- I had this on my list to do before I got super busy! As everyone who knows me knows, I LOVE Axolotls. I am obsessed with them. They are a huge passion of mine and I have two who I really love and adore. I love my dog too, of course- but I feel like not many people know what Axolotls are. 
    So here is my little story on how I came to love them:
    For those who are not familiar with Axolotls- they are critically endangered in the wild and the populations have significantly declined over the years. There are many living as pets in captivity today (a lot more than what is thought to be left in the wild) and many of these are variants than what can be found in the wild. Back in 2012 when I graduated college I started sewing plush axolotls and was trying to research organizaitons because I became so passionate about these animals.
    Much to my shock- I ended up forming a great affiliation with a woman who was in the process of registerring her non-profit that was dedicated to raising awareness for these critters. She would participate in events and showings- handing out flyers that I designed and donate plush axolotls as well. Because of her- my dream of owning an Axolotl came true and she sent me my first lotl, Vicious! I had lotl plushies all over the world. It was an incredible feeling.
    Eventually life got busy for us all and nothing went much further. I got a full time job, she moved- years went on. Sadly Vicious passed in a freakish accident when she was 7. My best friend bought my my wild type axie Pickles a year later. Then last year I rescued my baby lotl, Popcorn- who is a copper axie.
    Pickles is super lazy and chill. You can pet him (not really recommended but he lets you) and he will just sit there and lift his leg and chill. Popcorn is kind of a spaz and attention seeker. She is always in your face and wiggling. They are in separate tanks and eventually i'd love to have a room just filled with tanks. In addition to the room I want filled with lasers. They are both GFPS too- which means they glow under a blacklight. You can tell by their emerald green eyes!
    If I had the space- I'd love to get involved with rescuing them. ❤ They are amazing critters and I love my derps! My boy Pickles is a wild type (close to the ones seen in the wild) so he was my model for this. I have an axolotl shrine so this will be added to it ☺ I have been collecting all things axolotl over the years and now I can make all kinds of things with my laser! Iv'e even made Pickles and Popcorn earrings and ornaments!
    Bonus photos of my two derps!

  • ... incase anyone is curious. These are the earrings I made! Also hand painted them. I wear them all the time and love them so much. ❤️

    Made on my 60w out of 1/8 baltic birch.

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