Best ways to clean a Honeycomb bed?

  • Iv'e been struggling with getting my bed all squeaky clean and getting in the crevices. The video's I watched many people said they just used a paper towel or magic eraser- but I don't see how that is efficient when getting in the tiny holes.

    My brother suggested getting a non-metal brush; although I cannot seem to find much info about brushes to use, products, etc. Iv'e seen some use LA Awesome which I do have- but i'm curious what kinds of brushes you folks use, or anything special that I can use to get the grime off? Iv'e been doing daily and weekly maintenance but cannot seem to get the gunk that is further inside the honeycombs. Iv'e taken to using a straw cleaner and going inside each gap one by one to get the gunk out- but gosh, it's so time consuming 😂


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