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Water protect alert

  • Hello, recently I purchased the OMtech 50 watt with the Trocen control panel. I have gone through the setup process, installed lightburn and was finally ready to do a test burn when I get a "water protect" alert. I can see water circulating through the tube, good return water flow and no kinks in the hose.....is there anything else I can do or try?

  • Thats a tough one, Try checking the mother board port connections. Open the back cover of the machine and look at the right side. You should see the pressure sensor that connects to the water hoses. You should see two wires that lead back to the mother board. One of them gives power and the other gives the signal. Follow these wires back to the motherboard and make sure they are connected properly. If anything you can also disable the water protection feature through LightBurn

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