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Gantry alignment issues on startup

  • Hi:

    Omtech newbie here.  I've successfully aligned the mirrors and I'm beginning to have some fun putting together some projects with my new laser cutter.

    The issue I'm having, is that when I turn the machine on, and it goes through it's startup sequence, The gantry (I believe that's the correct term) moves to the back, and the nozzle to the back right, which isn't an issue, except for the fact that once the gantry gets all the way to the back, it continues to try to move further so it spends several seconds running up against the back of the machine, as if it's expecting the bed to be a foot larger than it actually is, creating a lound noise as it strains against the back of the machine.

    After a few seconds of this, it returns to the center of the bed, and I'm able to begin printing.  But this issue is kind of worrisome.  Is there a way to maybe "reset" the gantry, so that it doesn't do this upon startup?  Thanks again.

  • Sounds like a limit switch is disabled or unplugged. Address it for sure....

  • Thanks.   Any idea as to how?


  • Corey look at these pictures for reference. The laser head carriage has a metal frame that should slightly hover above the red limit switch. With the machine turned off slide the laser head to the right side and check to see that. If the limit switch is not positioned correctly adjust it. 

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