50W Laser Newbie

  • Hi there,

    I just received and set-up my OMTech 50W Laser machine. I am a hobbyist and will use it 95% of the time cutting shapes in balsa wood. There are many different thicknesses and densities of the wood, so laser speed and layering will be very helpful to master. I have never used or been around one personally so this is all new to me. I currently have a license for Autocad that I am familar with and use it in my business. However, I am not sure how to interface and transfer images to the laser software. Does anyone have some experience in this they can share? Thanks and hoping to get some cutting done soon! Pat

  • Hey Pat, they actually have an average parameter setttings chart. 

  • Regarding the transferring of images of designs, try installing and using LightBurn they do offer a 30day free trial. Upload a design and then adjust your power and speed settings fo the different layers. You can have the different layers at different settings which will give you a different result for each one. Other than that you should just go in and test out the machine, there will be trial and error. But eventually you will get used to it

  • Thanks Mojo,


     I was hoping to use my expensive Autocad software platform first, but it seems these machines prefer laser based software? Anyway, my next problem is: I went to align the beam thru the mirrors and hit the Pulse button but it gives me an error that said it is PROTECTED. I am unaware how to get it off this mode. Any ideas?? Thanks so much, Pat

  • Correct you need an additional program to convert the files into readable g-code for the machine. The protected error is usually given when you have the acrylic cover panel open or when you don't have a water pump or chiller running. If you do have a water pump or chiller and the cover lid is closed, check the magnetic sensor for the acrylic cover panel on the bottom right side of the opening. It's usually a green or orange tip sensor

  • Thanks Mojo, I have discovered what the mystery magnet was that held some paperwork to the machine during shipping! I put it over the green sensor while the lid is open, duh. But just another jab at the so called instruction manual. Little tidbits of info like that would have been VERY helpful.. Pat

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