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What kind of lens does a laser use?

  • Looking for which lens a CO2 laser uses. Thank you!

  • The recommended focal lens have a convex and flat side. The convex side always has to face upwards while the flat side has to face downwards

  • Hi... From what I assemble, G1 and G2 are generally the same. Both of these are single component focal points, meaning there's one lense. 3-element focal points have multiple(3) focal points, and since anything the laser strikes will assimilate a few of it's vitality, have more noteworthy misfortune than a single component lense. AFAIK, pillar combining is as a rule done with either a pbs 3d shape (polerized pillar splitter) or a dichroic reflect. On the off chance that the pillars to be combined are the same wavelength, the pbs 3d shape is utilized. In case they are diverse wavelengths, a dichroic reflect is used.


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