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Are cheap laser engravers any good?

  • Which OMTech lasers on the cheaper side would you recommend?

  • @Mika For a solid starter, I'd go with one of the 40W desktop models. I wouldn't really call them cheap, they work great. But they're probably the most affordable engravers out there for the quality you're getting. The 40W engravers are so small you can basically fit them anywhere, but the size of your engravings is pretty limited (check the workbed size) and you can only cut up to 1/8" thick (depending on material). Other than that, you're basically getting the same 80W machine I have, just way smaller/less power.

  • I really wish OMTech will come out with a small laser that is pretty much just a rotary and would only be for mugs and cylindrical objects. I could use a few of those. 😅

    I'm curious about the smaller lasers because it would be great to have a smaller desk model at my boyfriends apartment when I visit (3rd floor and old building; cannot bring my 60w beast there hahaha). I do a lot of small things like earrings and pins; so it would be ideal to have something small I could just use to be productive when i'm there for a week or two. Plus I feel like he's also getting into it, it would be a great start for him. He does a lot of table top gaming and I could totally see him making things for his games. Curious if anyone here is in an apartment and has a small laser.

    The only thing that worries me is from my understanding, a lot of the smaller lasers are not Mac compatible? I use Lightburn and ethernet for my laser at home. 

  • @Kristina You should look into a fiber laser :) You can add a rotary attachment to that machine and it will engrave SO much faster than a co2. To compare, fiber lasers can reach 7000 mm/s vs a co2 400 mm/s. Plus, they don't take up too much space!

  • @Max You sold me on a fiber- just it appears they don't have a Mac compatible program at the moment. :( Cause that would be PERFECT and ideal for me! I don't have the space currently for another large machine and your fiber work is amazing!

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