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Where is the best place to buy your wood and other materials?

  • Do you buy instore or online? what are the best prices?

  • Amazon is usually the more convenient place to shop. Decent prices and the material is already cut to good dimensions. If you have a truck or a hatchback try searching up local lumber places. You can find large plywood sheets for under 10$. Some of them even do cuts for you. But you will need a decent size car to transport the materials

  • If you have a local lumber store near you, along with the ability to transport and cut it down, you'll find your best prices there. It's also fun to checkout all the different types of wood and thickness in person so you have an accurate idea of what you're working with. 

    Like Mr Mojo said, Amazon has a great selection of sellers that offer materials to get you started. Prices are competitive and Amazon has a great return policy. Same thing with Etsy - there are a ton of sellers on there with some pretty rad materials ranging from leather, acrylic, wood etc.. OMTech also has some materials now stocked and is worth checking out.

    I just recently started cutting down my own 1/8" birch wood. I buy them from the lumber yard for about $9 for a 5ft x 5ft sheet bringing my cost to about $0.30 cents per sq.ft. The seller I use on Amazon I pay about $70 for 48 sheets of 12"x12" 1/8" which brings my cost to $1.45 per sq.ft.

    So, it's significantly cheaper to cut down my own sheets, but it's also a lot of work and requires the right tools, car, and space.

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