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What can I make with a laser engraver?

  • What have you been doing?

  • What can't you make with a laser engraver? I started off doing simple text customizations on wood and acrylic - you know the whole family name signs and "live, laugh, love" type of stuff for my mom These can be really nice on wood because you can stain it after laser cutting. Then I started getting into more detailed pictures, which really impress people. I'll never forget the look on my grandma's face when I gave her her own teenage picture engraved into some nice plywood. I've seen 3D puzzles, regular puzzles, wooden chess boards, all kinds of cut-outs, wall-hanger signs, at this point the possibilities really are endless. Start off small, work your way up quick, and remember - it's all about finding the right settings for the right materials. 

  • You can engrave tumblers! Hands down, my favorite project!

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