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How do you maintain a laser engraver?

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    Just got my 40W laser today! Can't wait to open it. I haven't gone through the whole manual but wanted to ask the community what kind of maintainece I should do for the laser? 

  • So exciting!! Normally, I would change the distilled water in your water chiller or water pump every 4-5 weeks. Ooh, also make sure you keep your water clean and enclosed! Hope this helps!

  • @Linda Mika is right, you do have to change the cooling water, but there's way more to it than that. On a 40W desktop engraver, the most important thing is cleaning the focal lens and the mirrors. I clean my focal lens with soft lens wipes after every use, and the mirrors at least once a week. You have to take apart the laser head to get to the focal lens, there's instructions on this in the manual.

    You also want to clean and re-grease the railings with white lithium every month or so.

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