How can I improve my laser cutting?

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  • Always check your mirror’s alignment and focus spot of your laser beam (it should be small and sharp between .1mm - .3mm.) By having your mirrors aligned decently and laser properly focused, you will maximize efficiency of your machine.

  • Aside from dialing in the perfect speed & power settings, always make sure you're running cool water (ie. i think btwn 60-70 degrees F) through your laser tube. I have the 5200 chiller by OMTech which works great for me, but you can also just use a standard water pump and 5-gallon bucket (that's how I started off). I used a water thermometer in the bucket and just added a couple of frozen water bottles as soon as the temp got above 70. It helps your laser tube stay cooler while making all those deep cuts - especially important if you run the laser at high powers. Make sure you use distilled water and the water bottles are sealed, for some reason the minerals in the water can corrode the laser tube pretty quick.

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