Before You Buy Your OMTech Laser Engraving Machine

Looking at purchasing your first OMTech CO2 laser engraver? Acquiring another machine for your laser workspace? Check the following boxes to make sure that you're ready to make the official switch to an OMTech machine:

☐ Please check the overall machine dimensions to be sure it will fit through any narrow hallways, doorways, or tight corners.

☐ Note the machine’s total weight and consider adding White Glove shipping if you require assistance moving the machine inside your home, office, or workshop.

☐ Please check your machine’s compatible materials to be sure it can process all the materials you plan to work with.

☐ Please check your machine’s maximum cutting thickness specification to be sure it can execute your desired laser cutting applications.

☐ Please ensure your workshop accommodates the exhaust system required for safe laser use, i.e. a ventilation port such as a nearby window. If not, you will need a filtration system to purify the exhaust.

☐ Please ensure your workshop has a dedicated 110V 20A power supply

☐ Do you need any additional accessories to get started, such as marking spray, software, rotaries, or materials?

* Please do not complete your purchase until you have considered each point